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Rialto Theater with curtains

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Hi and welcome to the Historic Rialto Theater’s website! This site was created to let you see what is going on as we renovate this beautiful, historic theater.  Please come back often and see what’s going on here and the progress that we are making due to your wonderfully generous contributions. We are anxiously looking forward to the day when all the restoration is completed and we are able to open the doors to the public for the many wonderful things that will be for your entertainment. With your continued donations, time, support, and physical help, we will make our town’s dream a reality!

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Open Auditions for Exit Laughing

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Remember When

1923 opera house photo 3

1923 opera house 1

1923 opera house photo 2


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Pioneer Days ad

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Photos Which Say It All!

Best is Yet to Come Marquee

Free Tours of the Rialto Theater

Rialto Rising 2017 – It makes good cents to drop your spare change in the yellow tube in front of the Rialto every weekend from Memorial Day – Labor Day! Also stop by every Saturday from 10 am – 2 pm for a FREE Rialto tour and see what the buzz is all about…private and public events are being booked; wedding and reception, concerts, melodramas, King and Queen crowning ceremonies and Spirits of the past…

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If you would like to receive a copy of our regularly published newsletter please send our Secretary, Marty Burleson a message, email or text with your electronic address. We are trying to reduce the size of our mailing list by going electronic and hoping to increase the number of our friends who are interested in the Rialto. Marty can be reached at; (719) 431-2330 (cell) or home phone (719) 784-6903.


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New Mural at PaPa’s Pizza!

The Rialto Board of Directors at PaPa’s Pizza Restaurant after the 2016 annual meeting held on March 17, 2017.  Left to Right: Larry Baker, Ken Trusty, Todd Williams, Marty Burleson, Ron Hinkle and Steve Steele.  Not present were Donna Murphy and Nancy Fenvyes.  Note the Rialto in the lower left corner of the new painted mural and the Rialto neon sign through the west window

Next time you’re in PaPa’s Pizza Restaurant in Florence, check out the new painted mural, lower left hand corner – Rialto!  Thanks for your support Tom!


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Buy your T-Shirt today from any board member or call 719-269-0678.

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Redeem your card at City Market.  Register the Rialto for rewards program under F.A.C.T.

The Rialto Theater in the Summer

The Rialto Theater in the Summer. ~By Ron Hinkle