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Rialto Theater Sign Clipart

Rialto Theater
209 W. Main Street
Florence, CO 81226


Florence, CO –Friends of the Rialto Theater

The Rialto Theater Board of Directors proudly announces the creation of a “Friends of the Rialto” gift giving program.  This will be an annual and continuous fundraising platform to cover the monthly operational costs of the theater.  “Friends of the Rialto” donations and gifts are tax deductible and also qualify for the Enterprise Zone tax credit if a minimum of $200 is pledged annually.

The Friends initiative will be used to pay monthly bills such a Black Hills Energy, ATMOS, City of Florence, the Fremont Sanitation District, and facility insurance liability premiums.  Most of the additional fundraising efforts are restricted to the Restoring the Rialto and are used for matching and private gifts.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Rialto and make a one-time annual gift of at least $200 or monthly EFT/ACH deposits of at least $20.00 please contact any of the following Rialto Board Members.

Historic Rialto Theater Board of Directors:

Ron Hinkle – President, Board of Directors and Fundraiser Committee Chairman,, 719.582.3302

Todd Williams – Vice President, Chairman of Community Relations Committee, Fundraiser Committee Member,,- 719.269.0678

Marty Burleson – Secretary, Board of Directors, rmburleson@q.comm 719.431.2330 or 719.431.2330

Kathy Seidling —  Treasurer, Board of Directors,, 719.429.1430

Larry Baker – Board of Director’s Project Manager,, 303.887.5569

Steve Steele – Board of Directors, Project Management Team, Fundraiser Committee Member,, 303.351.6815

Ken Trusty — Board of Directors, Project Management Team, Volunteers Coordinator, Fundraiser Committee Member,, 719.246.7364

Donna Murphy – Board of Directors, Chairman of Archives Management, Rialto Historian, 719.431.3854


For more information contact Ron Hinkle,, 719.582.3302

Updated: 5/12/17 (TT)